Rwanda - Gishyita

Rwanda - Gishyita

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Here we have our single origin Rwanda Gishyita. This coffee is from the Karongi district and the local name for is Ibanga. Which is a Kinyarwanda word for secret. 

Historically Rwanda as a coffee producing country has always made increased efforts to employ as many woman as possible within the agriculture chain. Approximetaly 40% of the 800 farmers within the local project are female. 

We've very quickly become a fan of this Rwanda. What we like the most about it is how balanced they cup is across almost all brewing methods. With or without milk. It's a great go to coffee. Caramel is quite present in the cup. And with milk it just becomes even more toffee and hazelnut like. 

CATEGORY: Single Origin


REGION: Gishyita

VARIETY: Heirloom


ROAST: Medium


TASTING NOTES: Blackberry, Caramel, Toasty



This is a coffee that shines with almost all brew methods. We've most enjoyed it as espresso's or aeropress. Makes for an awesome cortado if you have access to frothed milk. Even a plunger. This coffee just rocks.