Alejandro Valverde - Costa Rica

Alejandro Valverde - Costa Rica

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Alejandro Valverde single region coffee. Not to be confused by the popular road cyclists. We are talking about the man responsible for this impeccable coffee. Grown in Copey, Dota. This spectacular coffee keeps blowing our minds. Every time we drink it, we taste more and more interesting things. Impressively custardy and dynamically brilliant. 

CATEGORY: Limited Micro Lot

COUNTRY: Costa Rica

REGION: Copey, Dota


PROCESS: Yellow Honey

ROAST: Medium/Light

TASTING NOTES: Dragon Fruit, Custard, Buttery


Personally it's difficult to mess such an excellent coffee up. Best enjoyed black in our opinion. Although delicious with milk too. Best enjoyed as an aeropress or french press.