Cabin Fever - Novel Blend

Cabin Fever - Novel Blend

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Let's face it. It's not often you find yourself indoors for such long periods of time. And when you do, you want to drink coffee that just gets you. A coffee that is both interesting yet comforting.

Our Cabin Fever blend is pretty limited. We've combined our Brazil Cerrado & China Black River coffees to create a very special "novel" blend. For starters our Brazil Cerrado is sourced in very small quantities, and it just so happens that our China comes in relatively small quantities too.

So if you're like us. Stuck at home. Looking for an adventure of flavours to keep you awake and sane. We present to you. Cabin Fever.


REGION: Brazil & China

VARIETY: Various

PROCESS: Natural

ROAST: Medium Roast

TASTING NOTES: Marzipan, Demerara Sugar, Sherry


Cabin Fever really works with almost all brewing methods. Whether it be a punchy espresso or a delicate filter... it just works. If we had to choose one way to drink it, it really comes alive on a stove top or Bialetti.