China - Little Black River

China - Little Black River

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Coffee grown in China? Yes, thats right. And we couldn't be more excited to share this beautiful coffee with you. In the lincang region of the province of Yunnan. Lies an area which is optimal for growing and production of coffee. This region for the longest period of time has been best known for its green tea production and export. 

Coffee farming is incredibly important to many families in this region. As over 44 000 households are directly involved in growing coffee here. Each household looks after only 25ha of coffee trees on average. Giving them their full attention and dedication. 

Little Black River is named after the specific area in which this coffee comes from. Which sits just between Lincang & Vietnam.

CATEGORY: Single Origin


REGION: Lincang

VARIETY: Catimor Variety

PROCESS: Semi Washed

ROAST: Medium/Light

TASTING NOTES: Orange, Tobacco, Earthy


This coffee is an exceptional all rounder. Great flavours come out on plunger and Aeropress. Awesome fruity notes jump out as the coffee gets a bit colder. There's lots of spice too. Great body and some truly beautiful notes when brewed precisely. An incredible, underrated coffee.