Danilo Salazar Arias - Costa Rica

Danilo Salazar Arias - Costa Rica

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It is important to establish from the get go. That this is first and for-most a single estate coffee. From San cristobal farm in West Valley Naranjo. 

Danilo is a 3rd generation coffee farmer. Which with the helping hands of his son, grow and process world class coffees yearly. Many of the milling innovations which help result in excellent coffees are headed up by his son Pablo Andrés. 

Danilo is a member of the organisation Cafe de Altura de San Ramon. This initiative was started in 2004 to process coffee throughout Costa Rica. The group strives to provide its more than 500 producers with the knowledge and resources they need to sell their coffee for the premiums it deserves.

CATEGORY: Single Estate

COUNTRY: Costa Rica

REGION: Naranjo

VARIETY: Red Catuai

PROCESS: Natural

ROAST: Medium/Light

TASTING NOTES: Mango, Strawberry, Passion Fruit


Drip methods for sure. pourover, Chemex, etc. Nice and punchy on aeropress or even stove top espresso. No matter how you choose to prepare it. This coffee screams flavour.