Nicaragua - Matagalpa Honey Process

Nicaragua - Matagalpa Honey Process

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Buena esperanza estate is the crown jewel of the Rajuanse estate. Located in the privileged mountain valley in Matagalpa.

It's no secret that great coffee gets produced yearly from this exceptional coffee region. Elevation of this region is between 1100-1200 meters with an average rainfall of 3000m. Buena Esperanza are also rainforest alliance certified. 

CATEGORY: Single Estate

REGION: Matagalpa, Nicaragua

VARIETY: Parainema

PROCESS: Honey Process

ROAST: Medium/Light

TASTING NOTES: Beautifully sweet and rich. Lots of toffee, in fact wilson toffee everytime we drink it. For those curious to know what honey processing in coffee is. Just to clear it up. The seeds, yes seeds not beans that come out of coffee cherries are traditionally washed before drying. In this case, the seeds are partially washed but a decent amount of the excess fruit is left on to allow for fermentation to take place whilst drying. 


Amazingly tasty in espresso. Delicate and sweet on V60 and aeropress.