Kenya Githika - Micro Lot

Kenya Githika - Micro Lot

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It's no secret that is renowned for coffee. And not just ordinary coffee. Kenya has consistently been a quality coffee producing region for a very long time. There is that typical lime like acidity and sweetness that we always look forward to tasting when we come across good Kenyan coffees. And to top it off. It's a small holders farm, peaberry Kenya. Yes, this coffee sure is an absolute world of flavour in a cup. 

CATEGORY: Micro Lot, Single Origin

REGION: Africa

VARIETY: Peaberry


ROAST: Medium / Light

TASTING NOTES: Stone Fruit, Apple, Custard


This is a washed coffee so expect a lot of dynamic flavours and a lot of subtle things we just cannot fit onto a small sticker which says all the tasting notes. We're going to go ahead and say this coffee needs to be tried black as often as possible. Impeccable pour over quality with lots of unique flavours in the cup. We wouldn't advise over diluting this coffee as although it's a lot of flavour. It is very subtle. Espresso's and aeropress are a little more lenient with allowing body to come through. And do yourself a favour and try this as an espresso. It's like lime cordial shots in a cup.