Ethiopia Sidamo

Ethiopia Sidamo

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Our Sidamo is one of our core range coffees, and never have you tasted a more magical staple in a coffee line-up. If you have ever drank a cup of coffee at the Flatmountain HQ in Woodstock, Cape Town. This is coffee we have been serving for over 5 years. We use different crop's every year, sometimes even twice a year. The search for the best Sidamo has always led us to believe that it just keeps getting better and better. 

CATEGORY: Single Origin

COUNTRY: Ethiopia

REGION: Sidamo

VARIETY: Heirloom


ROAST: Medium

TASTING NOTES: Chocolate, Jasmine, Wine Gums 


This is another fantastic all rounder. Extract it black to enjoy the jasmine / floral side of this coffee. Espresso or even french press with milk is highly enjoyable too.