Thank you for your interest in serving Flatmountain!

Flatmountain partners with coffee ritualists of all shapes and sizes, providing the perfect coffee and support to suit your café, restaurant, deli, event company or office.

Our customers are constantly striving to learn more and push the potential of coffees. If this sounds like your business, we invite you to join us in the pursuit of finding your unique coffee ritual.

Quality Coffee and Quality People

Aspiring to raise the coffee bar for all South Africans, Flatmountain is a pioneer for coffee quality, consistency, inclusivity and upskilling in the industry

Customer Support

Our team is driven by a passion for coffee and the desire to push the potential of our relationships. Pouring knowledge, enthusiasm and technical support into every partnership from customer and client, through to suppliers and staff. We want your coffee to taste the best it can be.


Baristas are the heart and soul of the coffee trade. We are barista fanatics, cheerleaders and trainers. Flatmountain fosters the spirit of coffee knowledge and will train your staff on-site with continuous investment into their growth and confidence.

Flatmountain invites your team to dive into the deep end, offering the opportunity to spend time alongside our vibrant and enthusiastic staff at our café. We provide a place for our wholesale partners to train, practise, and explore the exciting potential that various types of coffee offer.

Want to become a Flatmountain stockist? Message us below, we'd love to hear from you.