Uganda - Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda - Rwenzori Mountains

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Here we have another fantastic coffee apart of our core single origins range. This Ugandan coffee comes from the slopes of the Rwenzori mountain range in Uganda. 

Interestingly the Rwenzori mountain range sits perfectly on the border of the DRC and Uganda. Meaning you get coffees grown on either side of the mountain and border. The altitude of this coffee is between 1,706 to 1,979 meters.  


CATEGORY:Single Origin

REGION: East Africa

VARIETY: Heirloom

PROCESS: Unwashed

ROAST: Medium

TASTING NOTES: Earthy, cherry chocolate, full bodied. 


A stand out for us was stove top / bialetti. Awesomely smooth with aeropress too. Pretty punchy as a black coffee. Delicious with milk.