Explorer Blend

Explorer Blend

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Developed for the bold natured explorer in each of us. Sometimes you need your coffee to ignite courage and give you the spirit to push on. Our Explorer Blend is a full city roast done Flatmountain style; it spurs on feelings of adventure while brewing familiar flavours of home. If you're like us and you enjoy drinking coffee outdoors or if you’re looking for something a little more toasty and bold, this one is your cup of exploration.


REGION: Central & South America

VARIETY: Heirloom

PROCESS: Various

ROAST: Full City

TASTING NOTES: Cacao, Butterscotch, Nostalgia


Think of the outdoor adventure where this coffee belongs and use the tried-and-tested sentimental brew tools to do it justice. For the best method of discovering and delivering this one’s punchy flavours, the stovetop espresso is your best bet. It's a classic. This coffee was designed especially for those who enjoy stovetop espresso coffee for a deep body of flavours.