Solstice Blend

Solstice Blend

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Solstice is our newest blend to the Flatmountain range. After the popularity of our explorer Blend. We soon realised there would come a time where we would create a blend which exists in a similar world to the Explorer. 

Solsice is a blend of Nicaragua Rajuanse and Rwanda Gishyita. A similar roast approach was taken with the solstice as the explorer. Full city roast. A punchy, full bodied and super dark chocolate coffee. If you like your coffee with upfront boldness and epic strength. This will be a coffee you would enjoy. 


REGION: Central Africa, Central America

VARIETY: Heirloom

PROCESS: Various

ROAST: Medium

TASTING NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Bold


We're going to go ahead and say that this coffee would be fantastic as a mocha pot or a classic plunger. Super tasty with milk if thats your sort of thing. Very full and bold. Not much acidity at all. Quite earthy and the vanilla comes through when prepared as a aeropress or even chemex.